Whether you’re on the go, in your workplace or at home, new technology gadgets will introduce great time-saving benefits into your day, as well as make life easier. With innovation taking a new high every day, there are a hell lot of cool gadgets available which can make your life much easy and smart.

These cool gadgets are not only smart but quite affordable also for everyone. The article consists of gadgets which are actually useful in our daily lives keeping that factor of time-saving on the top. You can also check 10 Smartphone hacks that will blow your mind. Let’s get started without any further delay.

1. Wireless Charger with LED Light

This is one of the coolest gadgets in the list due to the feature of wireless charging combined with a really premium LED light. Yeelight wireless charging night light innovatively combines the night light with the smartphone wireless fast charging.

No need to struggle anymore for searching switchboards in an unknown place. Whether you are out of USB cables or too lazy for that manual operation of charging, this gadget is extremely handy and easy to use.

Supports multiple devices and the removable magnetic LED light which can be altered from warm white to warm yellow can’t be better.

2. Desktop USB Fan

Take anywhere you want, indoor or outdoor and enjoy the comfort and coolness. This portable mini USB fan even helps during power cuts.

The lighter weight of just 520 grams makes it even easier to carry where ever you want. With a simple design, a clean and tidy look and a minimum space requirement together make this product a must-have for gadget-buffs.

You can easily adjust its height and angle according to your convenience and control the speed of the wind in a three-button interface.

3. Electric Wireless Toothbrush

This is another smart gadget which is a great replacement for your manual toothbrush. The lightweight of just 50 grams, easy to carry, waterproof body, a comfortable grip, and matte-finish texture are some of the basic attractions.

While a manual toothbrush usually involves 100 – 120 vibrations per minute, this smart toothbrush can reach 31000 vibrations per minute which helps in effective and smooth cleaning.

The brush head is designed with soft rubber to avoid any bruising in the mouth and bristles are even softer. Once fully charged, it can be used for up to 25 days.

4.  Tidy Cable Organizer

No one likes those messy tangled wires or cables and this organizer is a perfect solution to it. This cable organizer is suitable for USB, AUX, Earphones, mouse, etc.

Really soft and flexible material ensures that cables don’t get squeezed at the same time don’t get easily separated either.

It’s strong and durable adhesive is compatible with any type of deck material including wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, leather and many more,

5.  Game Controller Trigger for PUBG Mobile

The game controller joystick trigger is specially meant for PUBG Mobile. So the die-hard PUBGM lovers can now get that extra advantage of spontaneity from the enemies.

What makes is different from those cheap triggers available in the market is its high sensitivity and quick response. The trigger clicks on the screen at a frequency of 8 times/second, much higher than those cheap triggers.

This is a really small and portable, easy to carry trigger. Once charged, can be used for up to 80 hours. This will surely improve your gameplay and add a professional feature to your game.

6. Xiaomi Automatic Sense Water Saving Device

What can be more wonderful than a combination of water-saving and fascinating automatic water dispensing device? This device from Xiaomi has inbuilt sensors that dispense water only when it senses something under the faucet.

Well, it’s not an unknown feature, you might have seen it in posh hotels, malls or theaters. Its primary objective is to save water which is often neglected in public places. It’s high time we should install it in our houses as well, at least in the washbasins.

This is not only environmentally friendly but it also provides an advance and premium feature to our homes. Charging for just 3 hours can provide up to 6 months of service.

7. Smart Body Thermometer

This new generation smart LED body thermometer can measure the body temperature within 1 second! isn’t it amazing?

No more putting that thing inside your mouth which gives vomiting sensations to many. Just align its curved mirror in the forehead and press the button. Within a second the temperature will be measured… So easy to use!

The intelligent curved mirror receives infrared light from the human body which measures the temperature with accuracy. Large fonts and high brightness LED display are some of its features.

8. Smart Makeup Mirror

This is not an ordinary mirror… it’s a smart touch control LED makeup mirror with three lighting modes: daily makeup mode, full makeup mode, daily skincare mode.

It enables you to keep an eye on every minor smudge on your skin. It is an amazing device for perfect and clean makeup. It can also be adjusted in different angles according to your preference.

Glass is scratch-proof and can be charged with a universal android phone charging cable. Elegant design and a curved back make it really superior product.

9. Water Spray Mop

Xiaomi deerma water spray dust collector mop can rotate 360 degrees. It reaches those areas of the floor where a human might find it difficult to reach.

By adjusting the mop rod, the spray can reach 95 cm, forming a fine, wide and uniform fan-shaped spray area, surely saving your time and energy.

Just add some water in the tank and you are good to go as it has the ability to dry the floor quickly. So no need to wait, let the children run at full time.

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