Smartwatches have come a long way and with every generation, they keep getting better and better in a method or another. while some users still don’t take into account having a smartwatch helpful, for others Smartwatch is a great device to keep the notifications and other information organized. Even some of the smartwatches are so premium that they’re considered as a luxury.

What is a smartwatch?

“Smartwatch is a wearable computing device that can be worn on the wrist.”

Why Smartwatch?

Provides Security

A smartwatch can provide a sense of security. Don’t get lost again with a watch on your hand. If you have got kids that you wish to monitor outside of your presence you can buy a watch with GPS tracking. You can manage their current location and habits in real time. It is also helpful if you find yourself in unknown territory.You lost your sense of direction while hiking then you’ll be able to find your way back using your watch as a GPS. You will feel secure with a smartwatch.

You can monitor your health

Monitoring your health is easy once you have a device which will assist you. A smartwatch can function as a workout reminder. If you have a heart condition you can use a smartwatch to monitor your heart rate. You can download other health-related apps and use them for your own purposes. You can even track your weight, diet, calorie intakes and also the distance at which you jog.

Your phone will have a longer battery life

Think about it, if you have a smartwatch would you rely on your phone heavily? Most definitely not. You will cut back the pressure on your smartphone when you have a smartwatch. this suggests that you will give your phone a break when necessary while not missing pertinent info.

You can be notified without glancing at your phone

You can be notified at your wrist. This is faster and convenient. You don’t have to take out your phones to check your notifications. You can practically view your notifications anywhere. If you are not near your phone you can still receive notifications provided that your phone is connected to the device. You don’t have to constantly check your phone to see if you got a message from your friend or significant other.

Best Smartwatches in India 2019

1.SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier

The Super AMOLED panels used in the Gear S3 Frontier is perhaps the best you can get. The Frontier features a 1.3-inch 360p display, with bright and vibrant colors. And Gorilla Glass SR+ has been used to avoid scratches and make the display stand against bumps as well.

I bumped it a few times, sometimes inadvertently on a car door and a few times on the armrest of my chair, but there is no visible scratch on the glass. I even tried bumping the watch on the wall deliberately, but that didn’t lead to any scratches either

Key Specs

  • SCREEN SIZE – 1.322 
  • STORAGE TYPE – Internal


Resistant to Water and Dust

Wireless and Fast Charging

Good Voice Control


Quite Heavy

Limited Apps

2. Fossil Q Wander 

Fossil Q series has brought some classic smartwatches over time. The Fossil Q Wander Gen 2 is a strong highlight.

There are some people who seek something different. This smartwatch might be a good find for them. It has smart features; it looks classic, and it is powered by Android Wear. Only a few smartwatches fall in the same category.

The appearance of Fossil Q Wander is the most appealing thing. It comes in different colors and straps (leather or chain). There are many more things you need to know about this voice-activated smartwatch. Scan the rest of the review to find some.

Key Specs

  • SCREEN SIZE – 1.42
  • STORAGE TYPE – Internal storage


Easy to change straps

Simple magnetic charger


No heart rate monitor

Flat trey screen

3. Skagen Hybrid Smart Watch-SKT1103

The Skagen Hagen Connected simply nails it on style! It’s just gorgeous and reason alone to buy. Just don’t expect Apple watch functionality as being a hybrid, the features are stripped down. However, this gives you beautiful styling and awesome battery life.

With a choice of real leather or silvertone metal strap, they are both incredibly striking and give the watch a distinctive look. I prefer the tan leather strap which gives a beautiful contrast with the metal casing of the watch face. The strap only comes in one size but should have enough wiggle room to fit most wrist sizes.

Key Features

  • It has basic smart activity tracking like counting steps, calories burnt, distance traveled, water intake, tracking sleep, and so forth
  • This Skagen smartwatch connects to Android 4.4+ and iOS 8.2+ enabled phones wirelessly.
  • It uses a regular coin cell battery which will keep it running for 4-6 months at a time.
  • It pulls the time and the date when is synchronized with a device.
  • Skagen Link Technology enables the user to snap photos, control music, and control many other things on your phone by tapping on the side of the watch.


Long Battery Life

Really Beautiful Design


Notifications limited

Some of the Link features will go unused

4. Samsung Gear Sport 

It’s no surprise that Samsung hasn’t modified the look of the Gear Sport much in comparison to previous devices. The smartwatch is offered in Black or Blue colors and also the firm says it offers ‘military-level durability’. We’re nearly certain its that durable but the device is solid and we just like the look of both colors. The blue option is kind of a subtle ink-like ton instead of a bright hue – this is a good thing for us.

With Sport within the name, it’s aimed toward fitness and with a fifty-meter waterproof rating is particularly smart for all you swimmers out there. As you’d expect, the Gear Sport features a fully round – without a flat tire section – a screen that’s 1.2in in size, therefore, it’s on the smaller side of things in terms of smartwatches. Hence the slightly smaller 20mm strap size.

The resolution is 360×360 which is good enough to provide a crisp image and Samsung sticks to its most popular Super AMOLED technology so there are excellent contrast and colors. We were particularly impressed with the viewing angles.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Tracks steps, calories, distance, sleep
  • Can track 60 different workouts
  • Great size, lightweight and comfortable
  • Comes with 4GB Storage


Sleeker design

Offline Spotify playback

Samsung health is effective


GPS performance erratic

Heart rate monitor not effective

5. Garmin Fenix 5X

The Garmin Fenix 5 is an outstanding GPS watch. While the 935 edged out the Fenix 5 in terms of weight, accuracy, and battery life in our tests, these watches are much more alike than they are different, and both have the most extensive range of features in our test group.

The Fenix 5 is a high-end watch, and its price reflects that, so those looking for an entry-level option should check out the Garmin Forerunner 35. If backcountry navigation is your top priority, the Suunto Ambit3 Peak is slightly burlier in that area.

For a fully-featured, reasonably sized GPS watch, the Fenix 5’s battery endurance is remarkably good. In day-to-day use, with occasional normal-length (1-2 hours) training sessions, we have been able to go just under a week between charges. For more extensive GPS use, the battery lasts less long

Key Features

  • Fit for adventure with rugged design that features stainless steel bezel, buttons, and rear case
  • Built-in navigation sensors include GPS and GLONASS capability to track in more challenging environments
  • 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter
  • Lighter Weight
  • Works with IOS and Android
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Enhanced readouts for Training Status and Training Effect show aerobic and anaerobic benefits of your workout


On-board maps

Multi-sport support

Attractive and rugged design


A bit bulky


Hope this article was helpful in choosing the right smartwatch for you 🙂

Note – All the Images/Pictures used in the article belong to the respected owners. I am not the owner of any Images/Pictures used in the article.


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