When it comes to your SmartPhone, there’s no end to the wonderful stuff you can do. Let’s face it: we shouldn’t even call them phones any longer, because they are doing so much more than just call individuals. They’re navigating devices, sources of knowledge, video players, and radios. You would possibly not even keep in mind the last time you really used your phone to make a call, however, you’ve most likely used it every single day.

Cell phones do nearly everything for us lately. But that doesn’t mean we all know the ways in which we can put them to use. There’s always something more to find out when it comes to SmartPhone hacks, and a few of them are pretty superb. People all over the web are discovering new ways to use their SmartPhone, and they’re sharing them for all people to use, too. Who knew that a device that already does so much might really do even more?

If you wish to search out the ways in which you’ll get even more out of your SmartPhone, look no more. Gone are the times when phones were for simple line and texting. Now, nearly in the third decade of the twenty-first century, they’re so much additional.

1. DIY Phone Stand

Need to watch something on your phone? a movie or your favorite web series? You would probably think of getting a phone stand as holding your phone for so long can be irritating and tiring.

No need to invest in any phone stand if you have sunglasses or an old cassette cover as they make a perfect stand for holding a phone while you relax with a show.

2. Restart your Phone 3 times a week

It’s simple to forget that your phone has to be turned off periodically. Otherwise, it can’t run at max capability all the time, at least not with efficiency. To keep your phone updated and running smoothly, turn it off 3 or 4 times every week for a few minutes which will enable your apps to reset and provide your phone a break.

3. DIY Emergency Light

Phone flashlights are quickly replacing regular flashlights since most of people have their phones on them at all times. However, those phone flashlights may be harsh on the eyes. to soften and disperse light, set your phone face down on a tough surface so the flashlight is facing upward, then cover with a cup or bottle of water. It’ll turn that harsh beam into a DIY lamp that gives emergency light.

4. Airplane Mode for Fast Charging

We’ve all been told that so as to make our phones charge faster, we need to turn them off while they’re plugged in. However, there’s actually no need. Simply turn your phone to airplane mode while it charges and you’ll cut your charging time in half. And, as we’ve also all been told, don’t use it while it’s plugged in.

5. Don’t make calls while receiving weak signal strength

Making calls with poor signal strength does not only mean more call drops, but it additionally takes a significant toll on your phone’s battery life. The lower the strength, the more power your phone needs to draw up to capture mobile signals.

If you’re battery conscious, think about putting your phone in “flight mode” before getting into a building with low signal strength. For making calls, you can consider going out to an open area.

6. Use Volume Keys as a Shutter

Using the default shutter button present on your smartphone’s screen isn’t a decent choice if you’re taking photos with one hand. It will undoubtedly lead the photograph to look “shaken,” as your hand can shake during the capture.

In worst cases, you may even slip the phone from your hand. Using your phone’s volume keys as the shutter button can help you capture better pics.

7. Store your Valuables in Phone Case

If you don’t like keeping track of a phone and a wallet when you go out, there’s an even easier way to keep your personal possessions safe. Simply slip them in between your phone and phone case for easy storage. This works for money, credit cards, and your I.D.

8. Use Sunglasses for Better Pictures

If you think that you can’t get good photos with a regular SmartPhone camera, think again. You can always download filters if you don’t like the look of your photos, but there are even easier hacks to improve them.

If the light in your image is just too glaring, just aim your phone camera through a pair of sunglasses. It’ll reduce glare, even lighting, and give you an excellent image.

9. Use an Eraser to Clear Phone Screen Smudges.

You probably use your phone all day, therefore it gets plenty of smudges on the screen. There’s nothing more annoying than an unclean phone screen, but fortunately, it’s super easy to clean. Simply grab a regular chunky eraser and run smoothly on the screen. It’ll grab all the oil and dirt and clean it away.

10. Ran out of USB Port for Charging? Check the T.V

There’s nothing worse than going to a hotel room on a visit and realizing you don’t have a phone charger. Luckily, many SmartPhones are adapted to standard cables.

If you have got one but can’t find an outlet or don’t have a charging dock, there’s an easy solution: check the rear of the TV. Most televisions have USB ports that your phone charger will snap into without a problem.

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