We all are humans and we do mistakes and guess what? Some of these mistakes end up becoming a habit that we have no idea of.

From leaving frozen veggies on the counter for the whole day to holding in a sneeze or even holding a sneezing chicken, it turns out there are so many everyday things almost all of us are doing wrong.

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15. Looking down at your phone for hours

In case you often hold your phone down near your chest or lap for a long time, you can get so-called “text neck”. This bent position can lead to a stiff neck, pain, muscular weakness and headaches. To avoid that, bring your gadget up to eye level, take breaks from your phone to stretch your neck, and maintain posture, even while you’re sitting. Or just turn the darn thing off for a while.

14. Not using cold water at the end of your shower

I know it’s hard to be a fan of cold showers, but alternating hot and cold water will help you improve your skin condition, blood circulation, lymphatic flow, immune system, and even release stress and stimulate weight loss. Start with your normal warm shower, and at the end, turn the temperature down for 10 seconds. Then, work your way up to 30 seconds. Brrrr!

13. Brushing your teeth right after a meal

Brushing your teeth right after eating will do you more harm than good, especially after foods containing citric acid or sugar, like oranges, grapefruits, lemons or soda. All of the above weaken your tooth enamel, and brushing right after eating them can easily damage it. It would be better to wait for at least 30 minutes after the meal, or brush your teeth before it and drink a glass of water afterward to get rid of the acids.

12. Flossing before brushing your teeth

Flossing is way more effective when you do it after brushing your teeth with your final rinse still in your mouth. When you brush your teeth, you remove the larger particles that got stuck in between them. Flossing will help get rid of the smaller debris and also spread the fluoride from your toothpaste into the crevices between your teeth.

11. Washing your face after your workout, but not before

It’s important to wash your face properly and remove any make-up or dirt before a workout session. Right guys? If you don’t, it can all combine with the sweat and clog your pores. As you wash it off after the training session, you’ll only rub more sweat, dirt, and oil into your skin, which might give you skin problems later.

So wash your face before the workout, and dab it with a cotton towel during the session to avoid pushing dirt into your pores. Gently wash your face once you’re done exercising.

10. Piling food in the center of the plate when you microwave it

When you pile your food in the center of the plate, the microwave can’t evenly heat it, since its radiation doesn’t travel too far, and only works on the outer edges of the plate. When you spread food into the shape of a ring around the plate, you’ll get all of it properly heated.

9. Bringing electronics into bed with you

Scrolling through your social media feed or playing your favorite game right before bed isn’t as harmless as you might think. First, the light from the phone screen that shines directly into your eyes decreases the production of the hormone melatonin, which regulates your sleep.

Second, it’ll make you feel more tired and affect your concentration. So keep your phone out of your room during bedtime – read a book or listen to some relaxing music instead. If you absolutely have to check your gadget for some reason, at least set it into “nightshift” mode. This will decrease the harmful blue light level.

8.Washing your hands after putting on sunscreen

If you’re wearing sunscreen (and you should be), you’ll naturally want to wash it off your hands after applying it. However, they also get exposed to sun rays and need protection. As you wash your hands during the day, put SPF cream back on like your normal moisturizer, and don’t ignore your nails, either. This will help prevent skin aging and other more serious health issues

7.Holding in a sneeze

Holding your nose while sneezing can be very dangerous, from having air trapped in your chest between both lungs, to breaking your eardrum, or ballooning the blood vessels in your brain. Sneezing is the natural way for our nose to “reset” and remove bacteria and dust, it’s better to not interrupt this process.

If you don’t want to make a mess while sneezing, just cover your mouth area with a napkin or your hands, but don’t squeeze your nose.

6. Holding in gas

Holding gas in your body can make your abdomen extent, and it could even get absorbed by your circulation, which means you could exhale some of it through your mouth. When you feel like you need to let it out, find a secluded place and do it.

If it happens to you too often, try to chew slower when you eat. This will reduce the air in your stomach. Also, avoid foods that can make you produce gas, like beans. If that doesn’t help, see a doctor.

5. Topping off your contact lenses solution

When you just add a few drops of fresh solution into your lens case, you aren’t doing it any good. When a contact soaks in the solution for a while, the mix loses its biocide, the substance that kills bacteria, and so it becomes useless as a disinfector. So fill the case with an entirely fresh solution for proper disinfection.

4. Using headphones to listen to loud music

Sometimes the music is so good you can’t help turning the volume up to harmful levels. Listening to loud blasting beats can lead to hearing damage, and even hearing loss. Get yourself some quality headphones with noise isolation, so when you listen to music on the street, you don’t have to turn them up louder to overpower the noise around you. And if you’re listening to music in a quiet place, lower the volume and shorten the playtime.

3. Drinking coffee right after you wake up

What? Your body produces a hormone called cortisol, which is also called a “stress hormone,” since its production increases when you’re scared or stressed. The production of this hormone is high in the morning, and caffeine interferes with this process.

The body then creates less of it and relies on the caffeine more, giving you an energy boost from the coffee instead of your own body. So if you can’t go without a morning cup, drink one no earlier than 3 hours after you wake up.

2. Choosing the hand dryer over paper towels

Whoever told you hand dryers are more sanitary then paper towels wasn’t exactly an expert in this field. In fact, as you rub your hands under a machine that draws in bathroom air, you’re exposing them to a large number of bacteria you’re unaware of. So go for a paper towel instead. The good news is many of them are made from recycled and biodegradable materials these days.

1. Using antibacterial products

Most antibacterial soaps contain an ingredient called triclosan. Certain bacteria can undergo a mutation when they come into contact with it. This can make them resistant to it, and to some other antibiotics, like the ones that are used to treat tuberculosis, for example.

It might lead to antibacterial resistance, though this has only been demonstrated ina lab. Nothing kills bacteria better than good old soap. Try to wash your hands with it when you have a chance, instead of using a sanitizer.

Now, how about you? Were you doing any of these things wrong? Let me know down in the comments! Me? I may have to change my morning coffee drinking! If you learned something new today, then share it with a friend. But – hey! – don’t keep holding in that gas forever! Let er’ rip and come back!

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