If you thought that natural chemical-free products are always costly then think again. Let’s break down this myth in this article as I am going to share with you 6 Natural Face Washes Under Rs 299 which are 100 percent natural, organic, free from harsh chemicals and completely budget-friendly.

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “You are what you eat.” and therefore the same theory holds true for your skin: What you apply to your skin is absorbed directly into your body. Considering that the skin is your body’s largest organ, it’s crucial to understand what you are putting into your system.

But if you have ever turned over the packaging of your favorite facial cleanser, you noticed an extended list of ingredients you did not acknowledge. From sulfates to parabens, the cosmetic industry uses all types of chemicals in its products—some are useful but others can be harmful. And plenty of them aren’t doing anything for your looks and may even be making matters worse. Meanwhile, you can also check How to Get Rid of Acne and Pimples Naturally

Let’s get started without any further delaying

1. Rustic Art Organic Neem Basil Face Wash 

Made with 100 percent natural and certified ingredients Neem basil face wash is suitable for oily to normal & acne-prone skin. It serves many purposes including protection against pollution, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal wash, and provides a deep cleansing experience.

Since it is almost waterless, it means that it has a higher concentration of organic essential oils. After using this product for a while you will realize how less quantity of this product is required. Literally, a pinch of this face wash is enough to create a thick foam to properly cleanse your face.

In my opinion, it is the most budget-friendly products out there, what impresses me the most is its compact no-leakage packaging making it extremely travel-friendly.

Where to buy – Amazon

2. Plantalore Herbals Masoor Dal Facewash Powder 

In my opinion, Powdered facewash is among the smartest products available in the Indian market. This is because these brands have very intelligently used the most effective herbs without using any liquid fillers which is why you can get them at really cheap prices.

Made with a powerful combination of masoor dal, moong dal, till seeds, aloe vera, papaya, and amla will not only cleanse your face properly but will also give your skin the best possible nourishment.

How To Use

You can simply mix it with water and apply it on your face.

Where to buy – Amazon

3. Pavitra Activated Charcoal Face Wash

Now, the Indian market is full of activated charcoal face washes, almost every other brand is selling charcoal activated facewash. That is because charcoal is naturally a superfood for the skin.

But what we miss out while buying a charcoal facewash is that, apart from a very little charcoal what goes inside it. Due to this instead of nourishing the skin, we end up harming it. This is where Pavitra’s face wash stands apart. Not only this face wash has activated charcoal powder but all the ingredients are 100 percent safe.

No SLS, No Paraben, No synthetic colors or artificial fragrance. If you want the benefits of charcoal facewash, then this is the product you should be looking for, surely worth a try.

Where to buy – Amazon

4. Neev Kumkumadi Face Wash Soap

We all know that body soap is not suitable for the face as it makes the skin dry. Although Neev soap is the extra fatted soap specially crafted for the face cleansing which keeps the face well-nourished without letting it dry.

This handmade soap is not only enriched with Saffron, Almond, Jasmine, and other essential oils but is also free from cheap toxic chemicals.

Real easy on the pocket, really nourishing for the face, this is what I call a deal. Neev Kumkumadi faces wash soap is for all skin types. Really worth a try.

How To Use

Simply wipe a little on your wet face, gently rub your face in a circular motion. Splash water on your face and you are good to go.

Where to buy – Amazon

5. Sirona Natural Exfoliating Face Wash

Made from the goodness of Apricot, Mint oil, Flax-seed, Coconut and beetroot extract along with 5 magical herbs to reduce blemishes, fight acne and keep your skin healthy.

Sirona face wash is made from 100 percent vegetable source with no preservatives, no chemicals at all. For all of you who are tired of managing excess oil on your skin, this is the face wash you should go for.

It is not one of those commercial face wash which claims to be herbal but is full of harmful and cheap toxins. It is absolutely natural without being tested on animals and since it has no preservatives, it’s expiry date is within 6 months.

Where to buy – Amazon

6. Khadi Mauri Fenugreek Face Wash 

Fenugreek Face Wash from Khadi Mauri is one of the most effective & prominent herbal face wash. Made with the extracts of medicinal herbs, the skincare product works gently on your skin. All Khadi products are absolutely natural & chemical-free.

Khadi Mauri Fenugreek Face Wash is uniquely made with a blend of natural ingredients that are extremely beneficial for your skin. With its regular use, you’ll discover freshness and glow at your face.

Where to buy – Amazon

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