You don’t want a gaming mouse to play computer games—just concerning any mouse with 2 buttons and a wheel can play something you wish it to. However, that’s no reason to deny yourself the marvelous type of gaming mouse styles on the market. A gaming mouse won’t cause you to a professional, however, it will offer you a small competitive advantage and build some games a lot of comfier and convenient to play.

Gaming mouse typically options further buttons for the player’s thumb, on-the-fly changes to sensitivity and speed, extra-long cables, or perhaps exotic functions like adjustable weights or button tension springs. Plus, it provides you the texture of skilled diversion

Gaming devices are a big part of how immersive and smooth your gaming experience is. In fact, the mouse you’ll be exploitation, especially, will create or break your game. Therefore it solely is smart to place a similar level of commitment into selecting a diversion mouse as you’d with the larger purchases. Here is that the list of


1.CORSAIR M65 Pro 

As Corsair releases a new FPS gamers mouse, it is an upgrade to the M65 which we already found stellar. This device features the aluminum design, it’s aesthetically pleasing with configurable RGB LEDs and has a grip that is intensely impressive. Not just that, Corsair includes an 18K DPI sensor and made the mouse tunable with an intricate weight system to match the mouse towards what you prefer.

It might be one of the more impressive mice we have tested to date. Granted, we tested a lot of mouses, but this puppy is impressive by any standard. The minute you have it on your hands it feels right which is similar to the previous M65 model really, but enhanced.

Key Features

  • Double zone backlighting with up to 16.8 million colors for virtually infinite customization
  • Custom-tuned 18,000 DPI gaming-grade optical sensor for pixel-precise tracking
  • Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks for years of precise triggering
  • Aluminum frame for lightweight and durability
  • Features an adjustable weight system which helps set the center of gravity to match play style
  • Repositioned sniper button
  • Also, On-the-fly DPI switching to instantly match mouse speed to gameplay demands

2. Steel Series Sensei 310

The Sensei 310 is an ambidextrous gaming mouse that SteelSeries hopes will win over professional gamers. It’s remarkably lightweight, comfortable to use and, most importantly, it performs excellently across all games and applications. It isn’t without its flaws, however, build quality isn’t the most luxurious in the hand, and the software is definitely lagging behind key rivals.

The low-profile curve of the body makes for an extremely comfortable mouse in the hand; its relaxed fit works wonders darting around the desk. In fact, this is unquestionably one of the most pleasant mice I’ve ever used – and it easily beats its sibling in my book. The layout is business as usual, with the SteelSeries logo on the front, and an RGB scroll wheel resting between the left and right clicks.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Split-Trigger Buttons
  • TrueMove3 sensor technology
  • Lightweight Design
  • 32-bit ARM Processor
  • Pure Silicone Side Grips


One of the first things people talk about when they hear the name Zowie is the fact that their mice are just so damn comfortable, and I have to say that this reputation is in no way an undeserved one. Every little curve and bump on the mouse seems to have been carefully designed and tweaked throughout many iterations until they managed to come up with the perfect feeling.

The Zowie EC2-A has a pretty heavy, though crisp clicking experience. Both click sound and feel the same, so no issues there. I’m not personally a fan of super light clicks so for me, the clicks on the EC2-A are real winners.

Key features

  • Sensor: 3310 Optical
  • Buttons: Huano Switches
  • DPI: 400/800/1600/3200
  • Polling Rate in HZ: 125 / 500 / 1000
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable length: 2m / 6.6 ft

4. Logitech g502 Hero

If you’re looking for a way to up your game, a good gaming mouse can help you take your play to the next level. Even if you already have a gaming mouse, it can be a good decision to upgrade from time to time, just like you upgrade your hard drive and your GPU. The 16,000 DPI Hero optical sensor is a remarkable improvement over the older, 12,000 DPI Proteus sensor. In terms of numbers, this looks extremely impressive.

The buttons on this mouse are tough. While the main left and right buttons on previous versions of the G502 have been rated for 20 million clicks, the Hero upped the ante by improving that to 50 million clicks. That’s 578 days of continuous clicking, or almost enough clicks to beat Dark Souls as a Deprived. Seriously, these buttons are durable. They feel beefy but still click easily with a relatively light touch.

Key Features

  • High-performance HERO 16K Sensor
  • 16,000 DPI for the ultimate in gaming speed, accuracy, and responsiveness
  • USB data format 16bits/axis
  • Cable length: 2.10m
  • 11 Customizable Buttons and Onboard Memory
  • 5 removable 3.6g weights inside the mouse for personalized weight and balance tuning
  • Customize lighting from nearly 16.8 million colors

5. Logitech G Pro

The new Logitech G Pro Wireless is certainly a different kind of mouse to the flashy gaming rodent we are used to seeing. It doesn’t have tonnes of buttons, there’s no weight adjustment system and the design is also pretty simple, with just a single RGB zone.

Logitech has included its latest sensor and wireless technology in these gaming mice. Its new High efficiency rated optical (HERO) sensor is highly regarded while its Lightspeed wireless tech is supposed to be the first wireless tech to truly deliver the same responsiveness as a wired mouse.

You also get a truly ambidextrous design as you can swap out the side buttons for blanks, depending on which side you use. What’s particularly remarkable is that Logitech has crammed all this technology into a mouse that weighs just 80g, which is astonishingly light for a wireless mouse.

Key Features

  • Max speed: 10m/s (400IPS)
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Controls: 5 buttons + Scroll + DPI button on underside
  • Sensor: Optical HERO
  • USB: USB 2.0, detachable
  • Wireless: Logitech Lightspeed
  • DPI: 100 – 16,000
  • Size: 125 x 63.5 x 40mm
  • Weight: 80 g (without cable)

6. HP Omen 400

Okay, it really does feel like HP did their homework with the new OMEN Reactor gaming mouse. They didn’t just stick a bunch of RGB lights and a reptilian name on a regular mouse and call it a day. The HP OMEN Reactor feels like an earnest and genuine attempt to offer something tailored for the gaming market.

And, while HP’s relative inexperience in the area is made manifest in spots, there’s a lot here that I hope other gaming peripheral brands take the time to learn from. As far as gaming mice go, the HP OMEN Reactor is unique enough to stand out but, depending on your setup, it’s maybe not quite the slam dunk it needs to be to live up to the price tag.

The whole thing is made of plastic, which does detract from the feel of it. However, the metal cabling here more than makes up the difference. If anything, it’s the high-point of the Reactor’s design. I don’t know if I want to go so far as to say it’s tangle-proof but it’s certainly resistant to it.

  • Weight: 160g
  • DPI: 16,000
  • Acceleration: 400 IPS / 50g acceleration
  • RGB Software: HP Omen Command Center
  • Polling Rate 1000 Hz
  • Switches: Optical-mechanical
  • Lifespan: 50 million clicks
  • Cable: 6.5ft metal

7. ASUS ROG Pugio 

Finally, a proper ambidextrous gaming mouse (of the mice I’ve checked out, anyway). The Pugio comes with a variety of handy extras to assist make up for it. There’s no second USB cable, sadly, however, you do get 2 spare Omron switches and a pair of side button covers. The Pugio feels quite little after the Gladius II, even for my tiddly digits, thus those with larger hands might not notice it significantly comfortable.

Indeed, standing just 37mm off the bottom, it’s nearly an entire centimeter shorter than its Gladius sibling, which makes the whole mouse feel quite low and flat. It’s still a decent size for me in person, however, it’s borderline to mention the least.
Since this is an RGB mouse, Armoury homes the Pugio’s lighting controls as well. you’ll be able to continuously turn everything off if you so would like.

But for those of you who can’t get enough of multi-colored rainbow highlights, you’ll be happy to listen to you get all similar options as the Gladius II. This includes having the ability to customize each of its 3 individual zones with totally different color schemes and brightness levels, as well as having the ability to synchronize your favorite effects across all of your other Asus devices.

Key Features

  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Tracking: Optical
  • OS Support: Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 7
  • Dimensions: L120 x W68 x H37mm
  • Weight: 103 g without cable
  • Resolution: 7200dpi
  • Interface available: USB

8. Razer Viper

Earlier this year Razer released the Viper, a super lightweight gaming mouse with the latest specs, aimed at esports players but have they already superseded it? The answer is yes, as Razer now brings you the Viper Ultimate as their current flagship mouse. The Ultimate, while keeping the same aesthetics as the original Viper, is a fully wireless mouse packed to the brim with word leading specifications.

Featuring Razer’s new HYPERSPEED wireless technology that’s 25% faster than any other tech, a brand-new optical sensor named FOCUS+ designed in collaboration with Pixart, wired and wireless charging via the USB cable or charging dock supplied – Is this the best mouse on the market? Let’s find out!

Key Features

  • HYPERSPEED wireless 25% faster than any other wireless technology
  • FOCUS+ optical sensor
  • 20,000 DPI
  • 650 IPS
  • 99.6% resolution accuracy
  • Smart tracking
  • Asymmetric cut-off
  • RAZER optical mouse switches 0.2ms response time
  • 74g lightweight design
  • 70 hours of battery life – 10min charge = 5 hours gameplay!
  • Magnetic mouse dock
  • 1.8m USB A – Micro USB cable
  • 100% PTFE mouse feet
  • RAZER Synapse 3 software

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