Whether you’re passionate about listening to music, watching movies or playing games, you probably understand the importance of sound quality. To choose an appropriate set of speakers for your use, consider the size of the room and the position of your multimedia player as this will decide the position of your speakers.

Doesn’t matter if you are playing video games, watching your favorite t.v series or just listening to music, the quality of the speaker really makes the difference in your overall experience. Time has changed and so is the size of speakers. These portable speakers are easy to carry and can be connected to a compatible device via Bluetooth or USB.

Think again if you were under the impression that good speakers are expensive. If you have a small budget of Rs 1500 then also you can get yourself a much decent quality speaker as same as the expensive ones. We are here to help you to figure out the

Best Speakers under Rs 1500

1.Artis BT20

The Stone 200 is a compact speaker that comes in 2 completely different design languages. The shell of the speaker is made of plastic however features a rubber coating that helps it earn an IPX7 rating. A rubber coating runs on its perimeter to soak up shocks from unexpected falls. you can even suspend the factor someplace.

The speaker systems look outward on one aspect, and there’s an amplifier on the opposite. the highest of the speaker is where all the controls are placed. There are four buttons, one for power, 2 for volume control, and also the play/ pause options.

2. HolyHigh Muzili

5 in 1 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker lets you enjoy the clear and bass deep sound, like a live music festival. The long-time playback and wireless function make you enjoy the charm of music anytime and anywhere.

You could connect the Muzili mobile speakers via Bluetooth, USB, Micro Sd Card, TF Card Reader, Aux-In Port. The Bluetooth speaker will be automatically reconnected with the last device used. And it supports 10 meters operating a range.

3. BoAT Stone 260 

BoAT is an Indian brand — we’ve got reviewed some speakers and headphones and have consistently been impressed with the quality. The Stone 260 is a compact speaker that comes in 2 zany styles. It’s water-proof and shock-proof with an IPX5 rating. The speaker features a fashionable fiber top with varied printed designs that provides it a cool look.

It features a silicon body with funky on-body buttons for power, volume, and play/pause. The micro USB charging port is hidden underneath a flap — this has to be tightly closed when not in use for full water resistance.

4. Artis BT90 

This Device renders energetic sound effect which is exceedingly high spirited. It is great for family hangouts, tea parties, regional events, sports meet. The speaker is wirelessly paired to your smartphones, laptop, and tablet.

The multiple input options on the top allow the user to enjoy unlimited music. The USB port allows you to stream music using a pen drive, an AUX slot connects other mp3 media devices, a micro SD card or TF Card reader slot to inert your memory cards . Tune in the FM radio for your favorite music.

5. Thrumm Aurora

Aurora Bluetooth Soundbar has a 2.0 channel output that offers the best sound qualities in its range. You can even connect this speaker to a wide range of devices and enjoy hours of HD music. Long battery life supports up to 8-9+ hours of playing time. Slim Design looks good everywhere.

You can play radio and enjoy music directly through Bluetooth, AUX cable, PEN drive or Micro SD card with a rechargeable battery. Once connected with a mobile phone through Bluetooth, it can work as an extended speakerphone too. It can be easily carried in your bag when traveling. It also features a handy clock on the display to show the time in passive mode.

6. Mivi Roam BS5RM 

The Mivi Roam has a great audio profile catering to the needs of an average user. This model too uses fabric, but the rest of the design philosophy is a bit different as the buttons are almost hidden on the plastic base.

This is a speaker you can carry around and it also features a convenient loop to hang it off a hook behind the door or from a cycle handle. This Bluetooth speaker can offer up to 6 hours of playback despite the small size. The speakers are very capable, though not good enough to make all purists happy.

But then these don’t cost as much as some other speakers with the same output do. The True Wireless Stereo options that let you link two speakers together makes it a better offering. The range in which it comes is great for those who like to take their music wherever they go.

7. Zebronics Zeb-Axon

One of the best points about this Bluetooth speaker that enables loud crisp sound is its smooth barrel design. This awesome barrel design is further enhanced by a rich rubber finish which is my personal favorite. The black/grey color theme and a handy strap (very portable) on top make this speaker very pleasing to eyes.

Even if you put this as a showpiece in the dining room, then it won’t disappoint you. ou can use it to play chill songs while studying, very pleasing to hear without any distortion. It’s a bit louder then other speakers due to its barrel design, so if you’re looking to buy this for parties then go ahead.

Hope this information helps you out for finding the best budget speaker for you 🙂

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